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Original Turquoise Art Paintings and Contemporary Art Sculptures
by Innovative Artist, Liana Turnbull Bennett.

Innovative Original Art

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Do you Love Turquoise? The sky stone?

Imagine a huge, colorful,  Turquoise Art Painting hanging in your home. The color turquoise is so vibrant, so full of energy. And, at the same time, turquoise is soothing and calming. Turquoise is my favorite stone and my favorite color. I wear something turquoise almost everyday. I am a true turquoise lover, and have collected it most of my life. There is something about this gemstone I can not resist. I simply love it, in all the turquoise colors. If your are like me and collect turquoise jewelry, you will love my turquoise art paintings.

My turquoise paintings are highly textured, with glints of copper, that reflect the light.  So realistic, your friends will want to touch your gorgeous turquoise painting.

When viewed up-close, my Contemporary Art Abstract Turquoise Paintings come alive with texture. No matter the angle of viewing, the texture is apparent. This texture is even more amazing when viewed under dimmed lights. The play of shadows created by the texture, makes it take on a whole new life. From every angle, these turquoise paintings are interesting to look at.

Detail of abstract turquoise art painting

No other color is a versatile as the color turquoise. It goes with any other color. And turquoise makes any skin tone look warmer and softer. Have your picture taken in front of one of my Contemporary Art Abstract Turquoise Paintings and see how beautiful the color makes your skin look.

Latest News

8/18/14  Professional quality prints of my paintings are now available for sale

Windy Night Studio at Etsy

7/16/08  I'm getting a 10x10 foot studio expansion this summer. And, the observatory is well under way. Check out the progress on Tom's blog: Night Sky Observatory.

1/17/08    I just became listed in The American Artists Bluebook and the World Artist Directory.

See my art in person at the Firedworks Gallery, in Alamosa, Colorado. 

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Check out my Art Blog The Painted Artist. Where I write about creating my original artwork.
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about Innovative Artist Liana Turnbull Bennett

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To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong. Joseph Chilton Pearce

I believe that there are no rules in Art. Creativity is about imagining something, then figuring out how to create that something. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But in the end, you are constantly learning. I love testing new ideas. Some of these tests turn out to be my best work.

Why do I create turquoise paintings?
Turquoise is my favorite stone and my favorite color. I have been collecting turquoise jewelry since I was a kid. Turquoise is a special color, because it goes with any other color. It adds life to a room, the color just vibrates with energy. It looks good with any skin tone, everyone looks good in Turquoise. 
Check out my Contemporary Art Turquoise Paintings and see for yourself.

I also create turquoise contemporary art sculptures. My turquoise horse sculpture and turquoise cross sculptures. And if you want something really wild, check out my huge turquoise animal skull sculpture "Battle Cry".

Contemporary Art Sculpture Battle Cry detail

I have scoured the Internet and have not found anything close to my style of daring, innovative art. All pieces not marked sold, are listed for sale.

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